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Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

We provide a comprehensive office cleaning service for all types of offices, industrial and commercial premises.

We employ high quality, well trained and trustworthy staff who are comprehensively supervised with quality control procedures.

We will work outside of office hours during weekday evenings and weekends, catering for all sizes of organisations and business.

Our office cleaning service includes:


Here’s an overview of our office cleaning service

All our services are supported by strict quality control supervision and audits.

Helping your office run smoothly

All offices attract a huge volume of dirt on a daily basis. All those people working in the same space, day in and day out: even if everyone who works for you is obsessively clean and tidy, your office will be gathering dust, crumbs and long forgotten sweet wrappers by the day. Vacuuming every night and having the office kitchen cleaned is one thing – but it barely scratches the surface of the accumulated dirt that a group of people working in close quarters every day can produce. Our office cleaning services teams are able to prevent that dirt from building up to a level that can be dangerous to your fixtures and computer equipment.

One of the most common causes of computer failure at a workstation, believe it or not, is the ingress of crumbs, bits of fruit peel, drops of tea and chocolate – in other words, all the stuff that your employees regularly eat at their desks. Our corporate cleaning services include an excellent inter office PC clean routine that will take less than a few minutes for each work station, and could prolong the life of your expensive equipment by a significant amount.

Office Cleaning

Office deep clean

Our commercial office cleaning service can be conducted at any level you choose – from a professional level clean all the way up to a full deep clean. Our corporate cleaning services' deep clean option is your best defence against dilapidation claims that could be levied by your landlords at the end of a lease term: by having your office deep cleaned service on a quarterly, half yearly or annual basis, you are fulfilling your obligation to carry out reasonable maintenance of property and its fitted contents. For more information about our commercial cleaning services, please contact customer services.

Janitorial Supplies

We supply all the environmentally friendly cleaning materials and products you would need through the excellent working relationship we have with our cleaning supply chain partners, often at discounted rates.

Our helpful staff will be happy to arrange a no obligations consultation or a quote for cleaning on a contract basis or for a one-off clean. Learn more >

General Property Maintenance Services

CICS Meggaclean also offer a range of property maintenance solutions to clients as either routine, regular maintenance or ad-hoc property maintenance jobs as and when the need arises. We are able to adapt to suit our clients’ requirements regarding frequency, timescale and budget.

These services include: