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Deep Kitchen Cleaning

Deep Kitchen Cleaning

All of our commercial kitchen cleaning, kitchen duct cleaning and restaurant kitchen cleaning is fully ISO accredited and can be performed anywhere in the country.

Just let us know what you need – and we'll make sure it gets done with professionalism and shine.

Commercial Kitchen and Restaurant Cleaning

Meggaclean operate one of the best, most respected and highly trusted commercial kitchen cleaning services in the country. You can use us for standard commercial kitchen cleaning, kitchen duct cleaning, restaurant kitchen cleaning and kitchen deep cleaning.

The best kitchens are intensive and busy spaces that need to be kept in sparkling condition. Meggaclean possess over 5 years experience in cleaning commercial kitchens to the standards required by Local Authorities. We perform a rigorous kitchen cleaning program to minimise the risk of bacteria (or dirt) contaminating the food.

Our kitchen cleaning program includes …

  • De-grease canopy hoods including filters, extractor fans and ducts
  • Deep clean and polish all work surfaces and kitchen appliances
  • Dusting and washing walls, skirting boards, window sills and light fixtures
  • Sweep and mechanically clean floors
  • Internal and external window cleaning
  • Providing peace of mind and reassurance to every kitchen facility

Why use our kitchen cleaning service?

Of course you want to keep your restaurant and kitchen as spotless as you can – that goes without saying. But every now and again you need the help of a commercial cleaning outfit, either to perform those specialist operations that your own staff may not be qualified to safely perform (like kitchen duct cleaning, which can be hazardous both to the cleaner and to the kitchen ducts, unless the cleaning operative knows exactly what he or she is doing), or to run your annual kitchen deep cleaning day.

Depending on the amount of use your kitchen gets, you may need to run a deep clean more than once a year – so just let us know your schedule and requirements and we'll make sure that your commercial cooking areas get the deep clean they need when they need it.

Our commercial kitchen cleaning services cover all aspects of food preparation cleaning – from the collection and removal of organic waste to the professional decarbonising and degreasing of all cooking implements and machinery. We are accredited and qualified to work with all forms of industrial cooking layout and equipment, including the waste disposal units and air scrubbers found in high volume cooking areas.

With our restaurant kitchen cleaning team working quickly and efficiently, you don’t need to worry about time lost that could have been spent cooking and selling food. We work with your schedule and can conduct our kitchen deep cleaning services throughout the night – ensuring that you and your staff have a spotless environment to start work on the next day.

Kitchen Cleaning